The Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Build a Crypto Currency Mining Operation with the goal of producing our own power through renewable sources; such as solar, wind, hydro-electric, and any other form of renewable energy production; and developing technologies that lead us into better production and more profits. The mine capacity will be added in "Mining Blocks" with 11 blocks planned to be implemented over 3 years. Each mining Block will consist of "Crypto Mining Rigs" and adequate renewable power supply to handle the mining operation. The mined coin will be distributed to members based on the number of tokens held by members. Tokens are created based on the total amount of mining power added. Out of all the Tokens created, 50% will be held by the Abundance Mine Operation, and the remaining 50% are available to purchase to members, or awarded as commission.

The Plan

Become #1 Cryptocurrency Club

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We have a Wish, a Prayer, & a Plan!


Abundance Mine

Only the Best

Abundance Mine is an International Private Member Based Green Crypto Coin Mining Operation, where we mine the Gold of the Sun and the Blockchain.  Abundance Mine builds and runs its own mining operations, with the goal of supplying our own energy to match the power requirement for its Coin production.   Abundance Mine innovation of mining the Gold from both "Crypto Coins" and the "Sun's Energy", provides a unique way for all our members to have both short term and long term generation of profits from the output the Abundance Mine.  The Abundance Mines production output is in the form of Crypto Coins, and our members accounts are credited from the daily distributions of coins determined by how many Abundance Mine Tokens, they hold.

Private Contract Association

Outstanding Quality

All that join Abundance Mine "Mine" as a Member, are able own a portion of the crypto-coin output of the Mine, as represented as 1 Gega Hash (1 Billion Calculations) portion of the Abundance Token “Token”. Members are able to buy and sell the Token(s) at the Current Price of Abundance Tokens to Abundance Mine on our Abundance Exchange. The Current Price of the Token, referenced to start at an equivalent of gold at one grain (gr) of gold to one Abundance Token (Token); and is regulated by an Abundance Algorithm, that increases at a rate of 1/10th of a grain of gold for the each of the first 10 Blocks after the Founder’s Block of Mining Rigs is added to the output of the mine. Thereafter Abundance Mine will continue with a new Token plan to add additional Ming Blocks; create an ICO for public or private Crypto-coin.


Why we can "Pay Out" more on our Tokens.

Mining Crypto Coins by Generate our own Electricity!

Everyone wants to make money from mining Crypto coins, and that includes the chip manufactures of the Mining processors, and the electric companies. The cost of both is at the point that it is difficult to make money, unless we reduce our costs. We can reduce our power cost by generation of own power. This does make our upfront cost higher, but it insures we can produce ongoing short term and long term money. By first setting up our own Solar Farm based on our need for each Mining Rig, we are building into our system long term profits, regardless if the cost of buying power from power producers. This allows Abundance Mine to use the extra coin that was not sold to cover the cost of buying electricity, to buy back the members Abundance Tokens at the higher rate as the Token Current Price rises.

Token Split

50% - 50% Then 10% - 30%

The Abundance Tokens are initially divided 50% for the Abundance Mine and 50% are available for Members to buy or as member commissions. 

The Abundance Mine 50% portion of issued tokens, are allocated to:

  • 10% Founder's Circle -

All the members that have joined the Founder's Circle will split evenly 10% of the Abundance mine portion of issued tokens..

  • 30% Founders -

There is 30% set aside for members that want to buy in as Founders at 1% each.

  • 50% Abundance Exchange -

The mined coin is set aside to buy Tokens from members on the Abundance Exchange.

  • 10% First Founder- 

First Founder Dan Lutz will receive for all his efforts in creating the Abundance Mine Club. 


Affiliate Marketing

High Velocity Expansion 

We will generate High Velocity Growth by offering great commissions of up to 20% on the direct referrals and 5% on their teams members that market Abundance Mine Club on any sales that are made that originate from their efforts.

Commissions are paid once a week on Friday, and the member chooses their preferred method in their affiliate back office. PayPal, Bitcoin or Abundance Tokens are available to receive their commissions. 

All the Tokens held, begins paying from the very first day the mine is launched. Pay back period varies from 3 to 12 months; depending on the stage they entered the project and their own efforts to grow our members of community. Average monthly is estimated at 20% to 35% through commissionable sales of Tokens; and over 3 to 5 times through HODLing and Trading of Tokens.

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