Official Launch - Abundance Mine Club

Today is our Official Launch of our 3 sites

Member Site

Affiliate Site

Kringle Miner

We will hold an online broadcast in just an hour from now at

2:00 PM London

10:00 PM Manila

9:00 AM EST

YouTube Channel

We will go over the 3 sites and Kringle Miner and how to exchange Kringles for Bitcoin.

Here are the details of the Kringle Miner Upgrade.

All Miners and our Affiliates can add the Kringle Miner upgrade to their account, and can take advantage of any of the Benefits.


Pay $50 Kringle Miner Upgrade annual fee

Affiliate or Miner Account

Abundance Mine Club Account

Kringle Trusted Seller

A supply of Kringle Coins

Note: The Kringle Miner Upgrade by its self, does not have the benefit of holding Abundance Tokens and a minimum of Copper Miner Status is required you hold Abundance Tokens.

Can not can be added to a Guest account


The Kringle Miner Upgrade Benefits include


Exchange 1 Kringle for Bitcoin for each new Member added through your Affiliate Link. After your new member has been added, you place and order for the exchange, and send 1 Kringle to the Kringle Wallet Address and include the Transaction Details. The Bitcoin will be sent to the Bitcoin wallet you provide within a day. This benefit is in addition to the commissions you earn with other Miner Levels. It is only for those that join Directly on Tier 1, and does not apply to your 2nd or 3rd Tiers.

50/50 Trade

Acquire Abundance Tokens in exchange for a payment in Kringle coin and Bitcoin, split payment 50% each. There is a limit based on your Miner Level when you joined Abundance Mine Club. A minimum of Copper Miner Status is required to take advantage. There are no commissions made on any Tokens acquired with 50% payment in Kringles.

Higher Priority in the Abundance Exchange

Our Abundance Exchange allows our Miners to exchange their Abundance Tokens for Bitcoin. The Abundance Exchange will maintain a reserve of Bitcoin to cover the exchange orders from 50% of the Abundance Mine's Token allocation. Everyday more mined coined will replenish the Abundance Exchange to trade with our members. The trade orders are filled on a first come first serve bases, but in the event the Abundance Exchange does not have enough bitcoin to complete all the orders, there will be a Priority System to complete orders. First based on the number of members that have joined with your link; and second Kringle Miner Upgrade.

Join Us!

Dan Lutz

Founder, Abundance Mine

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