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Chart- HODL One Abundance Token

HODL'ing Abundance Token Brings Wealth of Time

This is the cornerstone of our Abundance Model to bring wealth to our members. This is the truth about the how mining can bring you as much as $350 in Bitcoin over 7 years. This chart shows what can happen with every Abundance Token that you "Hold" in your account. The amount of coin that gathers in your account every day, combined with the the value increase shown by the logarithmic "X10" pattern that Bitcoin has done, produces as true wealth. Every Miner can hold Tokens and can multiple this potential for all Abundance Tokens they acquire.

Chart- Miner Log-In Token Bonus

Miners Receive Bonus Tokens that will grow in value 11 to 16 times their Member Fee

Each Miner receives a Log-In Bonus based on their level. Without acquiring any other Abundance tokens, the wealth for each Miner level increases dramatically. Copper Miner member fee is $150 and the Tokens can provide 11 times that in 7 years; and the higher the Miner level the higher your wealth rises, all the way up to the Abundance Miner at 16 times the Miner fee.

Chart- Add 60 Members and Receive Level-Up Bonuses

Add 60 Members and receive Level-Up Bonuses, that can grow in value to $295,000

Every time our Miner Members adds 10 new Miner Members, they will receive a Level-Up Token Bonus. These Bonuses add up to 840 Abundance Tokens and can reach a value of over $295,000 in 7 years.

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