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Abundance Mine Club Pre Launch Announcement - November 25, 2018

Today, November 25th, 2018, we are allowing all that are ready to join us in our Pre launch to get a link from one of us that already have registered on the original interest website.


You can get a link to migrate your account to the new http://AbundanceMine.club website. Those that have already registered on the old website are the first to get the link and will have to register again on the new website.

You must contact your sponsor for their link to register on the new website. If you are direct to me (Dan Lutz is my sponsor), Send me a private message and include your invoice number and I will give you my link. If your sponsor is someone else, contact them and ask them to get their link.

Follow the instructions on the "Join Now" page. There is a product to choose in the online store, "Migrate Account", where you will have to include your invoice number of your original order.


One token is now priced at 1 grain of gold, which is valued 2.5 times the old value. You will be able to exchange your tokens on the Abundance Exchange when it launches in March at 2.5 x higher value. Previous Token ordered under the old website are valid, and their is nothing you need to do, other then your migrate your account.

Official Website Launch, December 7th 2018

We have still more to do to get ready for our official launch. Webpages for our Test Mining Rig, Abundance Exchange, Contests, Sweepstakes, and Education are still be worked on. The Affiliate system is working now and you are able to build your teams.

Pay Day

Build your Teams, and we will have our first Pay Day to pay your commissions will be on December 7th and every Friday thereafter. You can choose your method (PayPal, Bitcoin, or Founder's Tokens ) of receiving your Pay Out in your Affiliate back office.

Welcome to Abundance

Dan Lutz

Founder, Abundance Mine

Abundance Mine Digital Nugget

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