Our Story

What we are doing is bringing the best people and methods to create a great crypto mining business.

Team Encouragement

The Plan

Build a Crypto Currency Mining Operation with the goal of producing our own power through renewable sources; such as solar, wind, hydro-electric, and any other form of renewable energy production; and developing technologies that lead us into better production and more profits. The mine capacity will be added in "Mining Blocks" with 11 blocks planned to be implemented over 3 years. Each mining Block will consist of "Crypto Mining Rigs" and adequate renewable power supply to handle the mining operation. The mined coin will be distributed to members based on the number of tokens held by members. Tokens are created based on the total amount of mining power added.


The Founders are from a cross-section of several industries and professions.  Crypto Currency, Software and hardware Development, Telecom Infrastructure Design, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, and many other life experiences. Together we form a team that can bring Abundance to all of us!

Road Map

Our journey begins with an idea that came to the First Founder, Dan Lutz, when asked if there was a way to make Bitcoin mining profitable in the short term.  This led to the innovative idea of using solar energy to produce the energy to do the crypto mining without having to buy the power; and taking the solar energy and the processing power of the mining rigs and tying that value to an Abundance Mine Token.  Now all our members can own part of what is mined everyday.  This was only the first step in our road map to abundance.

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