Life Time Pay Out

Abundance Tokens Own Mine Output

The Abundance Mines provides Crypto Coins, primarily Bitcoin to our members, and each member will receive daily distributions of their allocable portion of the crypto coins mined to their Abundance Mine account, based on the number of Abundance Mine Tokens they hold.

Life Time Pay Out

Hold On to Your Abundance Tokens

Hold On for Dear Life

Let it Build

HODL is a term that means you hold on to the coin for long term goal.  5 years or longer will allow significant growth in the value of the coin in your account.  The longer the better.

Abundance Tokens 
Receive Mined Coin

More You Own the More You Receive

Each Abundance Token holds a set amount of power.  One billion Calculations per second and 1 watt of generated electric power are tied to each token.  The more tokens you hold, the more you will receive from the daily mined coin.

Crypto Coins
Compounding Value Daily

Day In Day Out

Every Abundance Token receives a small amount of coin from the mine every day.  Day after the day, the coin received has a compounding effect as the amount builds year after year.


Hold On for Dear Life

HODL -  A spin on the investing lingo ‘hold’ — Hold On for Dear Life. A crypto trader who buys a coin and does not see himself selling in the foreseeable future is called a HODL'er of the coin.

HODL is the ONLY Solution for True Abundance

Truth of Bitcoin Ming

Abundance is Gained by those that HODL

From the beginning of Bitcoin Mining, the way to gain value was to mine the coin and wait.   We must realize that Bitcoin it a computer program that operates on mathematics and there are patterns that can be seen.  Those that recognized these patterns, became HODLers of Bitcoin, and now are Abundantly Wealthy.

Pattern- Volatile Price

Hold on for the Ride!

The price fluctuations are constant, with wide swings of 10, 20 30, 40% down and up in hours, days weeks. The pattern is vey obvious here. Up and Down! We can look back over the the last 7 year and see patterns, that may not guaranty any claim, but does allow us to build a plan to match the patterns we have seen. 

Bitcoin Volatility Time Series Charts


Pattern-  Price Trends Up

Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand will, through all the wild swings, trend to push the market upward.  The demand exponentially rises as Bitcoin grows into the minds of everyone.  The supply is limited. Out of 21 million bitcoin, 19 million have been minded in the first 9 years of Bitcoins existence; and the last 2 million coins mined will take 140 years.

Bitcoin Volatility Time Series Charts


Pattern- Logarithmic ( Price 10X @ 2 Years )

Less Bitcoin Found

"Bitcoin Halfing" Reduced Mining Production in half. Every time Bitcoin is discovered while mining, the amount of Bitcoin that was being found, is now "Half" the amount before the Halfing. The Halfing happens every 4 years years and to date there have been 2 Halfings. The Halfing drives the price up on a factor of 10 every 2 years.

Chart of the Day: Bitcoin Reward Halving and Price History

https://en.insider.pro/infographics/2018-04-09/chart-day-bitcoin- reward-halving-and-price-history/

Time to HODL Bitcoin

What do you think is going to happen in the next 7 years?

Looking at this chart, Bitcoin is following a logarithmic pattern and marked by periods of growth after each Halving.  There is no guaranty, of the future, we can only look at the past and evaluate and make our guess as to what is best for each of us!

All Time High $19,800

Halfing Mechanism Regulates the Price

Bitcoin All Time High Marketcap
 According to Coin Market Cap, the all time high Bitcoin ($19,800)  marketcap was $661.2 billion dollars on December 17, 2017.  Nobody knows for sure when Will Bitcoin Hit a New All Time High Again. One trend to notice is that Bitcoin's Supply Halving have often preceded its historic runs. The next halving is in the likely April or May 2020.

2012 Halving (First Halving ever)  

  •     Reward Before:     50 BTC per block

  •     Reward After:     25 BTC per block

  •     Price on Halving Day: $12.35   

  •     Price 150 Days Later: $127.00 = 1000%  

2016 Halving (The 2016, second one ever.)      

  •     Reward Before: 25 BTC per block    

  •     Reward After: 12.5 BTC per block    

  •     Price on Halving Day: $650.63

  •     Price 150 Days Later: $758.81 = 17%

Bitcoin Days Since All Time High Chart


HODL'er Strategy

Abundance in 7 Years. — Be a HODL'er 

We know that playing the market can cause the loss of everything; HODL is the strategic method for long-term gain.  We can look at this logarithmic pattern to make a good estimate as to how Mining will pay out over the Long Term, basis.  The pattern shows what Bitcoin did 149% from last year; and 45,000% over 7 years. 

Bitcoin Price History Chart - July 6th, 2018


Abundance Token

Abundance Tokens 

Receive Mined Coin

More You Own the More Coin You Receive!


Pre-Launch Abundance Tokens

Be First to Receive Issued Tokens

PreLaunch tokens are a preorder for yet to be created Abundance Tokens and will be issued only after the Mining Block comes online.   The preordered tokens are sold prior to a Mining Block they where created for coming online.  These tokens do not earn output from the mine and can not be sold back to the mine; until that BLOCK comes online and the Tokens are Issued to the member to fill the preorder.


Abundance Tokens-

Owner of Abundance Tokens Own Mine Output! 

The Abundance Token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token to be issued is Abundance Token, ERC-20 symbol "ABU". The issued Token has defined value that determines the allocated proportion of the output of the Abundance Mine. 

Token Highlights
The issued Abundance Tokens grants the following to its holder:

  • The right to the mining output of 1 Gega-Hash-Watt per second (GHW/s) for each Abundance token the member holds;

  • 100% of tokens will be distributed; The Abundance Tokens will be split evenly between Abundance Mine and a pool of Abundance Tokens for the members to purchase.

  • The maximum number of tokens will never exceed the number of Giga Hash added in a Mining Block.

  • Price of all Abundance Tokens will be set when a new Mining Block come online.

Power Held Within

1 Gega Hash Watt/second-

We are excited about our new innovation that is the cornerstone of our business; and our long term ability to make money for all of our members.  We invented a new unit of measurement, by combining the 2 main factors of Crypto Coin Mining; Processing Power and Electric Power. With regard to Crypto Coin mining, we are combing the "Hash" rate of the Mining Rig with a "Watt" of electric power that is used per second in Mining Crypto Coins. Abundance Token will be issued as 1 Giga-Hash-Watt of output from Abundance Mine.

Hash Rate  -  
Processing Power is denoted in Hash and the rate of how many math computations are done in 1 second.

Watt of Power  -  
The amount of energy from our Solar Energy farm, that is used by the mining rigs per second. 


Created Abundance Mine Tokens

Each Mining Block has Tokens Created

All Abundance Mine Tokens are “Created” when a Mining Block is turned on. The quantity is based on the total computing power being added to the mine.  The Created Abundance Tokens account for the Crypto Coin output of the mine that is added in Mining Blocks, and once created are placed in the Abundance Token Pool for members to acquire.  The Mining Blocks are added to the total mining output, and comprise of a number of specialized computers that provide the Hashing power and added solar energy to run the mining rigs. The computing power of the added Mining Block is divided into 1 GigaHash/second units and that resulting whole number is the total number of Abundance Tokens that will be created for that Mining Block.

Issued Abundance Mine Tokens

Only Issued Token Earn Coin

The Abundance Tokens are "Issued" when they are moved from the token pool to the account of a Member. When a Mining Block comes online, the Tokens are created the same day. The Abundance Mine's 50% are Issued at that time. The remaining 50% will stay in the token pool until they are purchased and move to the Members Abundance Token Wallet. Only Issued Tokens receive an allocation of Crypto Coins from the mine.


Abundance Token Pool

Waiting to Get to Work

The created Abundance Tokens are placed in a holding area, and wait there until they are issued to members. Abundance Tokens that are in the Pool do not receive an allocation of the mine output.

Abundance Token Value

Constantly Providing Coin

The Value of the Token is defined by the computational power and energy production assigned to each Token.  This defined value of this token is based on our new concept of Hash Watt/second. The Abundance Token will hold 1 Billion Math Computations/second, combined with 1 watt/second of Solar Energy.


Abundance Token Price

Matched to Gold

1 Abundance Token = 1 Gain of Gold

The Current Price of each Abundance Token is referenced to the Price of 1 grain of gold (gr); and determined by an "Abundance Algorithm”, which is increased when each Mining Block came online. The first Abundance Tokens are set to 1 grain of gold at the time our first Mining Block comes online.  The The staring Abundance Token Price is 1gr per Token and will increase by 1/10th of a grain of gold (0.1gr) for each successive block, for 10 blocks, until it reaches 2gr per token.  There after we will determine whether to issue an Crypto Coin, ICO, or continue with Abundance Tokens for another 10 Mining Blocks.      

Abundance Mine 1 GHW/sec Token Price

  • Founders Block "0" Online March 2019     = 1   gr 

  • 1st Mining Block "1" Online May 2019      = 1.1 gr

  • 2nd Mining Block "2" Online June 2019     = 1.2 gr

  • 3rd Mining Block "3" Online -    TBD         = 1.3 gr

  • 4th Mining Block "4" Online -    TBD      = 1.4 gr

  • 5th Mining Block "5" Online -     TBD      = 1.5 gr 

  • 6th Mining Block "6" Online -     TBD      = 1.6 gr

  • 7th Mining Block "7" Online -   TDB      = 1.7 gr

  • 8th Mining Block "8" Online -   TBD     = 1.8 gr

  • 9th Mining Block "9" Online -   TBD      = 1.9 gr

  • 10th Mining Block "10" Online - TBD      = 2.0 gr

NOTE: Abundance tokens are not backed by gold.  We use gold only as a reference to our price, as determined by the current Mining Block.

Trading Abundance Tokens Outside Abundance Mine

Earn at Home

The Abundance token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, and as such can be traded/sent outside of the Abundance Mine Token Exchange to an Ethereum wallet.  We do not recommend you do this. If you do send the Token outside of our system, you will not collect a portion of the Mine daily payout output of the coin mined. There is also the issue the some Ethereum Wallets may not be capable of showing your Abundance Tokens at all; while others may need to be specially configured such as the Jaxx wallet. That portion of the mine output that is not allocated due to Abundance Tokens being transferred out of our system will be split among all Issued Abundance Tokens that remain in the system. 
Warning!   There are some wallets that may not be able to transfer the token at all and will result in the loss of token from ever collecting a portion of the Abundance Mine output.

Note: Abundance tokens are not backed by gold.  We use gold only as a reference to our price, as determined by the current Mining Block.


Crypto Coins
Compounding Value Daily

Adding a Small Amount Coin Every Day, leads to big rewards!

Day In & Day Out!

Compounding Value By Addition

Every Abundance Token receives a small amount of coin from the mine every day.  Day after the day, the coin received has a compounding effect as the amount builds year after year.


Compounding Asset Value

Through HODLing our coin that is gathering in our accounts, we experience the coins value increasing year after year.  The combination of the Compounding by Addition and Asset value, we achieve true Abundance.

HODL'ing Abundance Token Brings Wealth of Time

This is the cornerstone of our Abundance Model to bring wealth to our members.  This is the truth about the how mining can bring you as much as $350 in Bitcoin over 7 years.  This chart shows what can happen with every Abundance Token that you "Hold" in your account.  The amount of coin that gathers in your account every day, combined with the the value increase shown by the logarithmic "X10" pattern that Bitcoin has done, produces  as true wealth.   Every Miner can hold Tokens and can multiple this potential for all Abundance Tokens they acquire. 

Miners Receive Bonus Tokens that will grow in value 11 to 16 times their Member Fee

Each Miner receives a Log-In Bonus based on their level. Without acquiring any other Abundance tokens, the wealth for each Miner level increases dramatically. Copper Miner member fee is $150 and the Tokens can provide 11 times that in 7 years; and the higher the Miner level the higher your wealth rises, all the way up to the Abundance Miner at 16 times the Miner fee.

Add 60 Members and receive Level-Up Bonuses, that can grow in value to $295,000

Every time our Miner Members adds 10 new Miner Members, they will receive a Level-Up Token Bonus. These Bonuses add up to 840 Abundance Tokens and can reach a value of over $295,000 in 7 years.

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