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How to Join in 3 Steps

1.     Sign Up as a Member on our Affiliate and Members Sites: 

The first step is make an accounts on our two websites

1a.     Affiliate Back Office at  (, using the link provided to you by your sponsor, if you have one.  

1b.     Member Account  here at  (

           Sign Up Here Below

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2.     Order Mining Package

Remember to only place your order after you have joined through the affiliate link or your sponsor will not receive any commission.  Click on the ORDER button to take you to the order page. You can access the shopping page to buy tokens from your Member page.

3.     Communication - Confirm Your Account

​Set up Communications by following performing this tasks.  More detail for each is below.   

3a.     Subscribe for Emails 

3b.     Send Support Message to help Whitelist our emails

3c.     Join Telegram Group Chat

3d.     Join our Social sites, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

4e.     Read the Blog

3a.     Communication -  Subscribe to Receive Emails

3a & 3b help to whitelist our emails and will help our messages be delivered.

3b.     Communication -  Send Support Message after you Confirm your Email  Account.

Sending a message here will help our emails be whitelisted and not look like spam.

Send Support a Message -    "What I like best about Abundance Mine Club is..." 

Immediate Support is from our Social Group Chat on the Telegram App.  If you want to speak to us, Telegram has a voice call feature.

Message Support here and allow for 24 to 72 hours for a reply here. 

Please be clear as to your issue and include all the details of your support issue here.  

3c.     Communication -  Join Telegram 

           Our Primary Communication Platform


3d.     Communication -  Join Our Social Sites



3e.     Communication -  Read the Blog!

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