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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."--Thomas Edison

The Founders are from a cross-section of several industries and professions.  Crypto Currency, Software and hardware Development, Telecom Infrastructure Design, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Financial, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, and many other life experiences. Together we form a team that can bring Abundance to all of us!


Dan Lutz


Mr. Lutz is a high tech entrepreneur, alternative healthcare innovator, engineering consultant and private investor. He serves on the advisory boards of several companies and non-profit organizations. Mr. Lutz continues to invest in disruptive technology solutions and to help incubate start-ups, primarily technology-related, that have promising and scalable platforms.

Mr. Lutz is in the area of custom software development lifecycles which includes research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering and maintenance. He also assists in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering and consults on issues relating to power generation and distribution, computer systems and telecommunications infrastructure. Mr. Lutz is the founder and CEO of the various Lutz companies, which were established from January 1989 to the present.

His current projects include:

The broad-scale development of a social networking, crypto currency e-commerce platform that relies on biometrically-enhanced identities, with a goal of privacy for the members. There 2 encryption patents being granted allowing members to keep save their own information.

The creation of the Abundance Mind Project, that will educate everyone on how to think from abundance and not out of a scarcity mindset, through the use of crypto currency to distribute wealth in a continuous increasing flow, that remove fear of not having from their day to day lives.

Promoting cooperative capitalism, entrepreneurship and self-reliance, particularly among younger populations. He is a Platinum lifetime members of CEO Space International, a group of 70,000+ CEOs and entrepreneurs.

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