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Question - Do I receive passive income in Bitcoin?

Yes! You do not have to lift a finger to receive your portion of daily mined coins. The coins mined are distributed once per day to each members account wallets for each of the Crypto Coins mined, based on the number of Abundance Mine Token you hold. We are mining Bitcoin so all payouts are now in Bitcoin.

Question - Can I buy more Abundance Mine Tokens?

Yes, as long as we have not sold out! After we have launched the Founder's Mining Block, you can check at any time in your account back office, and see how many Abundance Tokens are available for purchase at the Current Token Price.  If we are Sold Out, then you will have to wait for us to create more tokens when the next Mining Block to come online.

Question - What is the difference between Tokens and Coin?

Tokens and Coins are both are on a blockchain and can be moved wallet to wallet, but the main difference it that Tokens represent a specific value and purpose.  Example: A Token is similar to a Concert Ticket; as compared to a Coin is too paying in $US dollars to get into the concert.  The Ticket/Token can only be used to get into the Concert, and the $USD can be used on most everything, as a medium of exchange.

Question - Can I sale my Abundance Mine Tokens?

Yes, Abundance Mine will exchange your Abundance Tokens at any time the Abundance Exchange, and will be paid out in Bitcoin to your personal Bitcoin wallet.

Question - How much can I sale my Abundance Tokens for?

Abundance Mine Exchange will always buy our tokens back at the full current price.

Question - Are we mining Bitcoin?

Yes, as well as other Crypto Coins.  We will focus on the Coins that we deem to be the best for our members. Starting with Bitcoin, we will add others, such as Bitcoin Cash as we deem the best return on our mine.

Question - How much does it cost to Start?

The Copper Miner Membership package is $150. There are 6 Miner Levels; Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Founder's Circle, and each has increasing commission structure.  You can buy in at a higher Miner Level or gain levels and 10 Bonus Tokens though building our member base.

Question - How will I receive Bitcoin?

Yes, We use mining pool software. Slushpool for now is the best choice, with low minging fees and reliable, but we may change if we deem another will pay out better. The pay outs of Bitcoin to our main pool wallet on a daily basis. We then send then divide that amount by the number of issued Tokens and then send the correct proportion to each members personal BTC wallet.

Question - What is the Current Price I can sale my tokens for?

The Current Price is set by an Abundance formula. When a new Mining Block comes online, the Current Price is set higher then the last. This ensures that you will be able to sale your tokens higher price then the when you purchased them. The Current Price increases are listed on a table under the Mining Block, and that shows the Current Prices increase $0.25 after each new Mining Block comes online. The current Price Starts at $1 and rises until $3 is reached.

Question - Is there a chatroom where members can group chat?

Yes, our preferred group is on the Telegram App and it is available for smart phones and desktops. The ID for the group is    https://t.me/AbundanceMineClub

Question - Does your Abundance Mine have a business address?

Our primary offices are in Quezon City, Metro Manila, in the Philippines although we now have a presence in several places around the world.  We are formed as a Business Trust and will registered other locations around the world as we prepare to create Mining Block in those areas.

Question - How do you calculate the daily pay out?

Daily Pay Out = Total Daily Mine Output / Total Issued Tokens x Your Tokens

The output of Abundance Mine is divided amongst the token holders on an equal basis. The Total Allocation per token per day is found by taking the number of GigaHashWatt/second and dividing it by the number of issued tokens.  Then your Payout is found by multiply the number of Tokens you hold and multiplying by the allocation per token. 

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