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Always be Positive!

We have just started our Social accounts, for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  There is not much there now, but we encourage our members to help us grow and link to our Social accounts.  Please Like, Share, and make only positive comments.  






Communicate via Telegram

Group Chat - Voice - Private Message

This is our primary way to communicate with our members. 

Immediate Support is available 24 hours a day from our members.  

Click on the Big Paper Airplane Icon or follow the this Link:


Old school email is still available.  Telegram app is our primary way to communicate by Group  Chat or Private Message.   

We are happy to answer all your emails. will answer within 24 to 72 hours. 


Send Support a Message

Immediate Support is from our Social Group Chat on the Telegram App.  If you want to speak to us, Telegram has a voice call feature.

Message Support here and allow for 24 to 72 hours for a reply here. 

Please be clear as to your issue and include all the details of your support issue here.  

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